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Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a statement that tells the users how a company would use their information, manage or disclose it. Sharp Custom Boxes never disclose their customer information to any third party. And we manage it professionally, having a sense of duty. Meanwhile, we only gather information from our users that is crucial for delivering the product.

Use of Information:

When we decide to place your order, we ask you to provide some information. And it includes:

While filling in the form, you have to write in the information. Or you can also place your order on live chat or by calling us. In any case, we never ask for any additional information.

Role of Cookies:

When you browse a website, you must have noticed that a popup suddenly appears. And it asks you to accept cookies. Many people feel hesitant. But when we accept cookies, it gives us a better user experience on the website. The cookies identify your computer and your search history. So whenever you visit the site again, products of your choice will be displayed on your screen. In short, it saves the user’s email address and password. But the website cannot use the information in any illegal way. So your information is completely secured. You can also delete your cookies by going to your browser’s setting. Sharp custom boxes use cookies to identify you and provide the best user experience.

User's Right:

User’s rights refer to the rights that users have on their data. The information provided by the users can be modified or deleted by them and cannot be used by the company.

Third-Party Disclosure/Security of our customer’s data:

Customer information is never disclosed to any third party. But to deliver the package to the customers, the delivery information would be shared with the shipping company. Meanwhile, the shipping company would not have permission to use your data for any secondary purpose. So don’t worry that your personal information will be shared or used. Sharp custom boxes have some rules and regulations that we follow for customer cooperation and to build trust.
In case we change our privacy policy:
When we change our privacy policy, we would inform our customers. We would be updating information for the users to see on our website. Otherwise, the user would receive an email regarding the changes in our policies. So It would be up to the user whether they want us to use the information or not. If the user deletes their data or account, we will not use the data in any way.

Contact information:

Here is our contact information so you can reach us with ease:

Live chat on our website
Phone: (973) 718-7625

Our customer support is available 24/7 to respond to your questions and to assist you in getting a perfect box for your business. No matter what question you have or want to get familiar with our services, give us a call. Meanwhile, you can also do live chat where our customer service representative would answer your queries.