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Sharp Custom Boxes prides itself on providing the finest to its clients. We manufacture custom boxes with high-quality and ecologically friendly material. We are intended to customize your boxes according to your desires. Some of the features our customized packaging includes are mentioned below:

Why Choose Sharp Custom Boxes?

Process Example


Don’t worry about the help in designing the product packaging; our professional designers are always ready to assist you in the designing phase to achieve all your product packaging goals.

Box Template


The days of hurriedly stuffing things into standard brown boxes are over. You must have enticing customized boxes if you want to dazzle clients. Sharp Custom Boxes manufacture refined custom boxes for your brand.

Fast Shipping


Make your customizing journey memorable with us. Sharp Custom Boxes provides you with free shipping on every order.

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Get the fastest turnaround time for your order no matter where you order from. We make sure your order reaches you even before your expectation.

Mailer Boxes

Sharp Custom Boxes is a reputed venture to create spectacular custom boxes merged with delicate hues and incredible patterns. We believe custom boxes are an ideal way to multiply your product reach. It serves as a marketing tool for increasing your business. Our compassionate team is devoted to making your experience with us a phenomenal one. We try to make sure that our awesome customers are satisfied with our excellent customer services.

Customize Your Dreams

You can personalize your dreams with Sharp Custom Boxes. We have a wide assortment of Boxes in a variety of sizes and styles. You can select the one that best demonstrates your product. After you’ve made your selection, you can personalize it with any custom size, design, color scheme, and finishing.

Your desire, Our Work.

The mentioned below are some of the customization alternatives you can choose from:

Instantaneous Services


Choose Your Desired Box

Scroll down to our ideal boxes designs or create your own. You can design your custom box according to your desires.  



Remarkable mockup samples with accurate dimensions and measurement.


Place Your Order

Once your design is final, place the order and sit back till your exquisite custom box arrives.


You can contact our sales team, which is available 24/7, by using the methods below to place an order:

  • Shoot an email at
  • Live Chat with our packaging/ Printing Experts.
  • Call us at: (973) 718-7625
  • Fill our online quotation form and send your requirements.

We have the latest printing machines available, which work on offset/Litho, screen printing, and digital printing technology. We have a team of professionals who know all the newest market design trends. Sharp Custom Boxes will work for the best of your brand.

Yes! We can complete all of your design needs. You can send us your order specifications by email or by live chat. Then with the help of our professionals, we will design/manufacture the box precisely according to your ideas.

Yes! Upon placing an order, we provide free design assistance to our customers. Our designers will be happy to assist you with your box design.

Sure! We are experts in the customization of boxes, and our experts will make sure to complete all of your required/requested specifications. We can do either way, only outside printing or inside & outside printing as per customer requirement.

CUSTOM PACKAGING BOXES – Everything You Want To Know:

Custom Packaging Boxes are one of the fastest-growing product lines in the industry today. It is because you can trade almost every product in Product Custom Packaging Boxes. Retailers are always looking for new, unique, and functional Custom Packaging Boxes With Windows to help them stand out in the market. With our skilled team of designers, you can have Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo that will look great with your product inside it.

Rule of Custom Packaging Boxes in the Product Industry:

Custom Boxes with logos play a vital role in the product’s packaging. Custom Packaging Boxes design to fit your product perfectly, they brand your item to rule over the product market. They also make your shipping and handling easy; they are a good source of advertising your product at a meager cost. Product Custom Packaging Boxes are an excellent option if your company wants to make itself 100% eco-friendly. We use recycled cardboard packaging boxes that can only be recycled once or twice before it rots. But with Custom Printed Boxes with Logos and custom packaging boxes in wholesale designs, you can use the same box repeatedly. So once you’ve made your initial purchase, you don’t have to feel bad about giving that jewelry in Custom Boxes with Logo as a gift for New Year’s!

Why Use Custom Packaging?

When you order products online, they’re always packaged in Custom Packaging Boxes with logos. We can customize custom boxes in any size according to your needs, and you can also recycle them. Thanks to Sharp Custom Boxes engineers!  But what if the product is unusually shaped? Or if you want to give someone a unique gift that shows how much they mean to you Custom Packaging Boxes with logo means that you can get a product in a well-designed Product Custom Packaging Boxes box to fit the item’s extent. So if you order a coat, it will come in Custom Boxes with a Logo box that is sized perfectly for that coat. There are also custom boxes available for jewelry and other small items. If you’re worried about your gift arriving at its destination in less than ideal condition, you can even request that the Cheap Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo box be sturdy and reinforced.

Advantages Of Using Custom Packaging Boxes:

We design custom packaging boxes with windows to match your product, making them more eye-catching. They also work the way you need them. With a logo, these Custom Printed Packaging Boxes with windows make them more stable than generic Custom Packaging Boxes that leave your product vulnerable to shifting. The best part of our custom packaging boxes branding is giving your product the attention it deserves. Creating something special before reaching destiny shows that the recipient means so much to you. It’s a small step in making your purchase worth it for them — and an easy one at that! All they have to accomplish is order their product online in Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo through your company. But, they can see an option for personalized packaging when they check out. Once they select it, they can put in some unique words or a personal message that you can include on their custom packaging boxes.

Bare Essentials for Custom Packaging Boxes:

Custom Box Packaging is of vital importance. Their role is to protect the product and make it easily transportable, increasing your customer base. They also play an important aesthetic role as they make the buyer more curious about what’s inside, leading to impulse purchases. Top-quality custom printed boxes must be customized according to their contents and fulfill all safety regulations. The perfect packaging box will require a good design and high-quality materials. 

Types of Material Used in Custom Packaging Boxes:

Custom Packaging Boxes appear in all shapes and sizes. But, there are a few main categories within Product Packaging Boxes, and one type is known as mailer boxes.

Custom Corrugated Packaging Boxes:

Custom Product Custom Packaging Boxes prepared from paper have been compressed into a solid structure, making them highly durable and eco-friendly custom shipping boxes material. In addition to being very sturdy, corrugated Custom Printed Boxes come in various styles and sizes. The box type is often chosen based on which product will ship in them and the volume of items that will need to fit inside.

Custom Kraft Packaging Boxes:

Another category associated with Custom Boxes In the USA is Kraft Custom Printed Boxes. Kraft paper is just like it sounds: brown paper has been crisscrossed to make a durable and robust appearance. They are perfect for protecting your product during shipment. Kraft paper Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo for shipping are usually basic and practical without any extra frills or design elements that would detract from the product inside. However, this material comes in various colors and different weights. It depends on how heavy the package will be.

Custom Card Material Packaging Boxes:

Another type of material is known as card material Custom Printed Boxes. You can use this method to show off your product through clear windows or cutouts on the Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo box. Card material does not hide the product inside but instead showcases it. It comes in various colors and thicknesses, depending on what works best for your product and shipping needs. This material is very durable and protective, but it can come at a lower price than others due to its less weight.

Why Are Custom Packaging Boxes Important?

Custom Boxes with Logos are essential to the growth and expansion of any company. The problem with regular or plain boxes is that they can get expensive, especially when you need a large order quantity. Our Custom Printed Boxes allow companies to get their name on something they usually wouldn’t have been able to do before.

Uses of Product Packaging Boxes:

Product Packaging Boxes are all around us whether we realize it or not. Many companies that deliver goods to consumers commonly use them when they do not have custom-designed packaging. For example, cosmetic items such as lipstick, lip gloss, and cream jar come in simple custom boxes.

How are Custom Printed Boxes useful?

The logos printed on Custom Boxes indicate the product name and often a short description. Other common examples include shoes, computers, and toys. Each commonly comes with Custom Printed Boxes that are very simple and (in most cases) red or blue. These Custom Boxes In the USA cost little to make but can benefit companies greatly by increasing their brand recognition and potential sales. Companies need Product Custom Packaging Boxes to package products and ship to customers. If a company sells a product online, they may wish to ship it in a custom box to arrive in perfect condition at their customer’s door. By Brand Packaging, you can ensure your product will not get impaired in the shipping process.

Usage of Custom Packaging Boxes:

You can use Custom Boxes for all products, from large-scale businesses to small production or delivering goods to customers. Product Packaging Boxes are helpful when you design them with specific features. Brand Packaging makes products easier to ship or provides more protection when transported from one place to another.

How Can You Save Money With Custom Packaging Boxes?

Many costs go into making a product. Custom packaging will help you save by ensuring your product is:

  • Protected
  • Increase shelf life
  • Keep it secure during transport

Custom Printed Packaging Boxes allow you to ensure your product is protected, increasing shelf life and keeping it secure during transport. Your logo and contact information placed on the box creates a striking impression for your customers.

Construction of Custom Packaging Boxes:

Custom printed boxes do not have to be intricate. Something as simple as a logo on a box can make a difference to increase brand recognition and both name and product awareness. With custom printed boxes, your potential customers will notice you before they ever see any of your advertisements, and it is vital when getting noticed among the competition.

What are Wholesale Custom Boxes?

Wholesale Custom Boxes with Logo are more affordable personalized boxes packaging options. Why purchase large quantities of stock boxes that cost a lot upfront but offer the same results in the end. Instead, you can invest in high-quality Product Custom Packaging Boxes at lower price points.

How Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale Help in Business?

When considering your options as a custom packaging for small business, you may wonder how these Product Packaging Boxes will benefit your bottom line. The answer is simple, cost per impression. Customized wholesale boxes allow you to catch customers’ eyes who might otherwise overlook your product or service. Even if they don’t choose you today, they will recall receiving a thrilling offer from a company with a unique vision. It will put you in a position to retain their business when the time comes. They need your services and cost much less than traditional marketing methods such as billboards and commercials.

Wholesale Custom Boxes gifts take customization one step further by allowing firms to add photos and logos in addition to simple text. You can even print designs on both sides of the Product Custom Packaging Boxes. It ensures that your custom boxes get noticed from every angle. It allows companies to make an accurate statement about what they offer and why it will benefit their clients. Thus it leads to more business deals.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Wholesale Custom Boxes?

When you want to set yourself as a company with vision, you can’t go wrong with our wholesale custom boxes. With the low price points linked with Product Packaging Boxes, they’re an effective way to increase your revenue without increasing overhead. It also creates a sense of reliability in potential clients’ eyes. However, traditional retail packaging tends to be generic and unoriginal. Using our custom boxes in bulk proves that your business is willing to invest time and money into every client’s experience and it is part of creating a compelling brand identity. Wholesale custom boxes are also versatile. You can tailor them to suit any occasion or clientele. You can customize Wholesale Custom Packaging Boxes with Logo with colors that:

  • Reflect your business ideal
  • Messages about upcoming sales or events
  • The faces of your key personnel

Make Your Company Promotion with Wholesale Boxes:

Some companies even use them to cross-promote different lines within their catalogs. For example, a beauty supply company might include lip gloss or hair products samples in its custom boxes. So, clients can test out new looks and ideas before committing to larger orders. It helps you win repeat business by boosting customers to return, and it compels new clients to consider you when they need your products.

Increase Incredibility with Wholesale Boxes:

Wholesale custom packaging boxes with logos can also increase your industry’s credibility and authority. For example, a custom box could include info about your business’s prestigious awards or client list. It will give confidence to customers that they are dealing with a reputable brand, and it also guides them to decision-making based on your expertise rather than price.

Run Campaigns with Wholesale Boxes:

In any campaign to obtain new customers, the focus is usually on the customer or client. Business owners spend a large percentage of their time creating plans and strategies to win over new clients and boost existing ones to return for more business. However, a certain percentage of businesses emphasize selling their products in stock to their existing clients. Our Wholesale Custom Packaging Boxes are usually among the most popular products, especially in bulk or large packages, because you can buy them by the dozen and sell for higher prices when purchased singly.

Wholesale Boxes Are Available In Different Sizes And Shapes:

The wholesale Custom boxes we offer come in a wide range of sizes and shapes. We design them for specific applications, such as jewelry, cosmetics, or particular products like soap and candles. Others are good general-purpose boxes popular with many retailers and factories. We also stock plain white wholesale boxes if you need to design them to make your unique boxes.

Wholesale Custom Boxes Suppliers:

We offer custom wholesale boxes at a price that gives you value for money. Our oath is to provide top-quality boxes designs, styles, and finishes without compromising the costs involved. The list of supplies we have available includes corrugated wholesale boxes, paperboard custom boxes, and card material.

How To Confirm The Right Sizes Of Custom Printed Boxes?

When you hold top-quality custom printed boxes in your hand, what counts is not its weight or size but the convenience it offers to carry your stuff. Our Custom Printed Packaging Boxes often win out over regular packaging material because of their flexibility and printing ability.

Make sure that the printing boxes meet the following requirements.

The sizes should be such that the box offers adequate packaging space inside. If you have many items to pack, go for a giant dimensions box, and it will stuff all things without any problem. On the other hand, keep your products safe from breaking and scratching by getting Custom Packaging Boxes with small sizes. The easiest way to check if your box is of the right size or not is to place the items. After doing this, check if their size matches the custom box. You can also fit your box size needs with the help of our printable boxes templates. Remember to make custom printed boxes for promotional purposes, like giveaways at trade fairs, etc. We advise you to choose the low weight and low cost customizable printed packaging boxes, and it will help deliver large numbers of boxes at a time.

Make your box dimensions meet the following points:

  • Bigger is Better, so go in for more space inside the box.
  • When you buy custom printed boxes packaging sets, choose an option that allows maximum utilization of the space inside.
  • For promotional items like packaging gift boxes for promotional purposes, going for a larger size will save your money

Most Suitable Printing for My Custom Printed Boxes:

Consider three factors when choosing to print for your custom printed boxes.

  • The box’s material (e.g., paper, cardboard).
  • The size of the box (the bigger or tall/longer.
  • The weight of the contents you will place into your custom printed box.

We will discuss these factors in detail and provide suggestions for which printing technology would suit each aspect:


Paper-based Printed Packaging boxes (cardboard, corrugated) are best suited for: 

  • Offset printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexography printing


The bigger or thicker your custom printed boxes, the more sturdy it needs to be. Offset printing and digital printing tend to produce a stiffer, shinier surface on the front of the printed packaging box. It suits boxes with a high volume to the surface ratio (e.g., rigid packaging). If your box is not so thick, consider using flexography printing.


The weight of the contents inside your custom boxes should consider which printing technology to use. If the weight is low, you can go for flexography or digital printing. However, offset printing does not suit printing thin, lightweight boxes with a low volume to surface ratio. If you are unsure which print technique to use, please contact us. We would love to help you choose the best custom printed box for your product!

Use of Glitters and Highlights in Custom Packaging Boxes:

HOW MUCH? How much is too much bling? When it comes to glitters on custom boxes, less is more. You don’t want an entire product covered in diamanté, and it might have the opposite effect on what you are going for. A wise customer may perceive your product as cheaper than those with subtler, more sparing use of glitters. Also, be cautious with how many colors you use on your package. Too many colors or contrasting colors on printed packaging may look destructive and distracting rather than highlighting the featured product. It doesn’t mean to make your cheap custom packaging boxes boring. A little touch of glitter will shine your product far from the counter.

Sharp Custom Boxes has a Wise Collection of Themes For Business.

The company has to choose its packaging themes carefully based on several factors. Our custom boxes packaging creates an identity for a consumer product, and it’s an integral part of marketing strategy. You should do the packaging design according to customer needs, and it depends on:

  • The type of customers targeted by the product.
  • Their perception of quality.
  • Etc

Factors to consider while choosing a packaging theme:

Packaging design is where art and science meet together. It creates an identity of a product in terms of

  • Feature
  • Benefits
  • Usage

The theme should make the customer hold it and read its label carefully to

  • Know its contents
  • Appearance
  • Type and color
  • Price
  • Usage
  • Product properties
  • Brand name
  • Price
  • Thematic content

The theme should create an image of its contents to select it.

Sharp Custom Boxes: The Best Wholesale Custom Packaging Boxes In the United States.

Sharp Custom Boxes is the premiere wholesale custom container situated in the USA. We are a family-held and managed business, and for years, we have served many types of companies in the United States and the rest of the world for custom printed packaging.

Our Main Features To Select For Your Custom Packaging Boxes:

Paperboard choice:

  • Kraft Brown paperboard for its natural look, durability, and color. It can dye easily to satisfy your multiple choices of colors.
  • Corrugated Brown Kraft paperboard with a natural brown finish on both sides of the board. The inside liner is white, which offers more strength than brown Kraft paperboard.
  • White card paperboard is the most economical packaging solution, and it is not required to be very strong but still offers an improved look over plain white paperboard.
  • White Shrink, an economical paperboard with an excellent print surface. It is thick enough to hold most types of ink without ghosting, peeling, or flaking.
  • Premium white paperboard is a lightweight, high-quality bright whiteboard, and it has a smooth finish and more foldability than a Kraft paperboard. It is a good choice for small boxes needed to hold heavier items.
  • Color Paperboard – An economical paperboard with unique color on one side for a unique look.

Box sizes:  

All custom box sizes are available in any custom style and design. 

Box Flaps:

Tuck ends, reverse tuck end flaps, roll tuck end flaps, tuck front, etc., flaps are available.


Ribbon handles and rope handles are available.

Box printing:

We will print your logo or artwork from full-color CMYK printing, from 1 to 8 colors, depending on the paperboard grade you choose. We can also print Pantone matching reference colors on a custom window box as per customer requirements.

Customization in finishing:

Gloss or matte lamination is available.

Window packaging cutout hole available.

Hot foil stamping is available.

Embossing/debossing available.

Gloss spot UV available.

Custom Packaging Options:

We prepare boxes from 100% recycled paperboard.

Custom Packaging Boxes Wholesale at an affordable cost:

Are you looking for a reasonable way to get custom window boxes wholesale? It can be hard to find just the right supplier to competitive pricing and meet your needs. We always want to make customers happy, so we do everything for them, and it results in a win-win situation for both parties. The great thing is we don’t have minimum box order requirements, and we can meet almost any deadline. These are not the only grounds you should give us a chance to serve you as a customer. Read further if you want more info about our business practices and how we can help you.

You can get samples of your custom boxes in custom-designed boxes and sizes at little cost before placing an order with us. It will show you an idea of the high-quality materials we use and fit your needs. If you are not satisfied with the samples, you will not be compelled to continue. It also gives you a proper estimate of how many business days we need to serve your requirements.

We are offering the following materials and finishing:

  • 16 PT card / 18 PT card / 24 PT card, corrugated cardboard, etc.
  • Gloss or matte lamination.

Perks of Getting Our Services:

We have been in the market for several years. Even though we are not only an affordable option, we also have excellent customer service. You can get to us through email, live chat on our website, phone call, or Skype. We carry a live chat option on our website to get your questions answered right away.

Full Refund Policy:

You will never lose an order because we have a full refund policy if the client is unsatisfied with the product and if the finished product is not as per approved PDF proof. You can get started by learning more about what we offer by visiting our website. Sharp Custom Boxes is always available to speak with potential clients and answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Free Shipping:

The best thing about our custom print boxes is that we do not charge a lot for shipping. You may think that’s common! But, it is not the case with other suppliers you might find online or close by. We also do our best to keep prices low for end-users like you. Because, after all, we want repeat customers and referrals.

Reasonable Price:

You can visit our website for more information or place an order by calling us, live chatting with us, or filling out the quote form. We have a blog section to find additional details about our products, services, and customer testimonials. If you want to make your packaging box for wholesale custom boxes for business, we can accommodate your needs with excellent quality at reasonable prices.

Why Choose Sharp Custom Boxes?

We serve both retail customers and large companies for custom boxes in the USA and worldwide. Our main goal is to provide all of our clients with the highest level of service possible. We fabricate Custom Boxes in state-of-the-art facilities that have been in operation for years. Our Custom Boxes are made from heavy-duty cardboard or the material of your choice according to your product needs. Each one is individually scored, glued, and constructed to accommodate the product inside. We offer various sizes, shapes, materials, finishing, and styles in USA custom packaging boxes, so there’s always something for everyone. We carry all types of boxes, including:

  • Custom Candle Boxes
  • Custom 1oz Bottle Boxes
  • Custom Pillow Shape Boxes
  • Custom Cosmetic Boxes
  • Custom Beard Oil Boxes
  • Custom CBD Boxes
  • Custom Pharmacy Boxes
  • Custom Cereal Boxes
  • Custom Skincare Boxes

Our turnaround time is speedy, and we don’t require minimum orders! If you’re ready to give your product that extra boost it needs, then it’s time to contact Sharp Custom Boxes today! We offer special discounted prices ALL YEAR ROUND. Call us now at 973 718 7625, live chat with us, or fill out the custom quote form for a free price quote on your Custom Boxes! You can also send us a direct email at for a quick quote.

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