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At Sharp Custom Boxes, we care about our exceptional customers and their precious time. Hence, we try to manufacture high-quality boxes customized with modern techniques to change your business positively. But how do we deliver products to our customers? Well, let us explain.

Delivery span

If you want to receive high-quality packaging boxes in a short span, then Sharp Custom Boxes can help you. We try our hardest to manufacture and customize your boxes on time. So no matter wherever you are in the world, the product will be at your doorstep in 8 to 10 business/working days. The delivery time may extend due to any holiday or pandemic. So as long as the new covid variant does decide to show up, we are good to go. We are offering global shipping to our customers with no shipping charges. We can understand that if someone would like to start a business, it requires a lot of capital. So Sharp Custom Boxes help you by paying for the shipping charges no matter wherever your delivery location is in the world. When the client does not pay for the delivery charges, they can profit. That is why our customers are always satisfied with our services and professional attitude.

Late delivery due to unexpected circumstances

Not everything goes as planned. But we can always try our hardest not to mess things up. So Sharp Custom Boxes try to deliver your product to you in time. But due to some circumstances, timely delivery might not be possible. In this case, all you can do is wait. But in what circumstances might delivery be delayed? Well, we all know all businesses were affected during the pandemic. So as long as we do not end up being quarantined, we will deliver the packages to you timely.

Other than that, there are some issues that we might face.

How we handle the orders in the pandemic

Pandemic around the world lasted for more than two years. And all of this affected our lives in different manners. Students faced problems regarding their studies. Meanwhile, markets around the world suffered from a huge loss. And in the same way, the packaging industry was also affected. Even though we manufacture and customize our boxes by following the guidelines, it might delay the delivery process, which we have no control. Shipping the product is not something that the company does itself. If the cargo is affected due to a pandemic, then timely delivery might not be possible. And if by any chance, due to the new covid variant, if the world again gets quarantines, then we ask for our customer’s cooperation.

Our policies in case of damage

Products during shipping might be affected. So if you receive any damaged goods, you must contact us immediately. We have provided our contact information for you to reach us in no time on the website. So always check your parcels and examine the goods thoroughly. Contact the company in case of damaged goods, and you can also ask for a refund or a replacement. But to do so, you must send the products back to the company for us to examine them. And after that, we can either refund or replace the product.